ERC Awareness Initiative

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⚫  Was your Business in Operation ON or BEFORE February 15, 2020?

⚫  At ANY TIME during the Pandemic, Did you have 5 and not more than 500 W2 Employees?

⚫  IF YES, You Might Qualify for a REFUND of $26,000* per Employee that Congress named the "Employee Retention Credit (ERC)".

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ NOTICE: The Congressional Law encodes a Deadline.
It's a Refund/Not a Loan/Not PPP/Your Money.  Find Out If You Qualify.

Since the founding of America, Small Business Owners have been, and are, essential as the largest employer in our country. The ERC Awareness Initiative (ERCAI) exists to alert small business owners to the limited time ERC. Please Help our nation by spreading the word to Small Businesses you know as time is running out.

NOTE: ERCAI is an Independent Referral Partner of Bottom Line Concepts (BLC) - Government Aid Division, that has seasoned Advisors trained in the ERC Refund process. In the event that a Small Business, referred to BLC by ERCAI, Qualifies and Receives a refund, ERCAI might receive a commission paid by BLC to us which we use to benevolently maintain this website. Small Business Owners and their Advocates may share this site free of charge to help other business owners. ERCAI does not provide any advisory services nor is involved in the ERC Refund process.

| 7000+ Businesses Served | Up to $26,000* per Employee |
$201,743 Avg Refund | $2+ Billion Recovered |


"your cash,
 it's yours
...and nobody's ever heard of this program!"

- Kevin O'Leary

IRS ERC Announcement

The Clock is Ticking. The ERC ends soon so Don’t Wait! 

Do You Qualify? That’s the First Step.  Speak with a experienced ERC Advisor by Clicking Here

The ERC Awareness Initiative operates in the United States of America in good faith in accordance with the FTC rules as an Independent Referral Partner of Bottom Line Concepts, LLC, Government Aid Division Headquarters, 3323 NE 163rd Street, Suite 302 North Miami Beach, FL 33160 and in the event a Business qualifies and Receives a Refund, we might receive a commission paid by Bottom Line Concepts to us for such Businesses that used our referral link to Bottom Line Concepts.  This site is maintained solely with benevolent resources of The ERC Awareness initiative and is not affiliated with nor a representative of any government agency.

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