WE APPLAUD THE IRS for its vigilance in informing us and the public of bad actors attempting to abuse the system as the ERC is a critical program supporting American Small Business that aligns with the long standing mission of BLC. 


  • ROUGHLY 40% OF BUSINESSES, referred for possible ERC filing were not processed by BLC as they, did not meet the ERC criteria as set forth in the Cares Act.
  • WE SUPPORT THE IRS mission to inform companies of the signs of potential bad actors and are diligent in applying what we learn.
  • WE AGREE that the application process is complex and requires expertise and experience to calculate the potential refund.
  • Therefore,
    THE BLC SCREENING PROCESS is a highly detailed qualification analysis method that takes time to ensure compliance with the IRS guidelines. (The process is thorough and will not be rushed.)  
  •  BLC WAS FOUNDED in 2009, and for all our years of operation, we have never charged any upfront fees. Never.

    to ensure our clients understand the ERC program to clearly explain:

         ⚫ Client Eligibility.
         ⚫ How their eligible wages are calculated.
         ⚫ Identify ineligible wages that must be excluded from their ERC claims.

    WE ARE THANKFUL to have the privilege of serving so many of the largest employer in America - the Small Business Owner. - Bottom Line Concepts, LLC

| 7000+ Businesses Served | Up to $26,000 per Employee |
$201,743 Avg Refund | $2+ Billion Recovered |

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